Code of Ethics Guide

We manage our business within the framework of fairness and transparency, acting in accordance with all laws and social rules, and in line with our vision to become the most reliable and trusted energy storage company for our customers, colleagues, business partners, suppliers and the environment. In this process, our Code of Ethics which as always been a guide for us is of great importance in establishing a trust-based communication with our internal and external stakeholders and creating a principled working process in the fields we operate, and ensuring the maintenance of our business continuity.

It has a key role in the development of our company, its power to positively affect its environment as it develops, and its competition capacity. Such codes which help us put forward our company policies provide us with a standard for the steps that we should take and routes that we should avoid. In this way, we can protect our company and create a meaningful impact for all our stakeholders and our environment, and to include millions of people in our value chain through the sense of responsibility.

I would like to thank all and each who has helped to create this fair atmosphere, keep this code of ethics alive which is the indicator of Inci GS Yuasa’s strength and commitment. We will continue to work to fulfill our vision of being the most reliable and trusted energy storage company in an honest, respectful and proper way within the conditions of ethical working.

Kind Regards,

Cihan Elbirlik

İnci GS Yuasa Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Click here for our Code of Ethics Guide.

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