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Solar House and Solar Cars

31 Mart 2016 Perşembe
Solar House

Batteries of the Solar House located in Antalya-Turkey, on a land of about 11 thousands m2, are supplied by İnci Akü. Solar and wind energy is stored in İnci Batteries to supply uninterrupted power for 24 hours. On the other hand, in the glass separated area in the Solar House, the visitors may also see how the batteries work. Solar House is a pioneering and training center which generates its own power and uses rainwater. Minimizing usage of the natural resources, Solar House use solar and wind energy instead of fossil fuels, taking advantage of its passive solar architecture where the rainwater is stored, recycling performed and clean water obtained by treatment of grey water.

Solar Cars

İnci Akü continues to give support to the technology, investments for use of renewable energy sources and university students. Sponsoring TUBITAK Formula G Solar Cars since 2005, İnci Akü also sponsors solar cars of various universities each year.

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