Every driver expects to hear the starter running when he/she turns the key. In fact, this sound is the sound of İnci Akü. Because the continuity of the relationship between the key and the engine depends on the loyalty of the battery which smoothly sparks each time.

İnci Akü has been growing since 1984, creating loyal customers and bringing different initiatives to the industry. İnci Akü is the most innovative and pioneering player of its market in Turkey. It keeps going adopting the principles of continuous change and improvement in order to understand the consumer and meet the consumer needs on its way to become a global brand. With its strong R&D team and innovative perspective it both meets the needs of today to the highest possible level, and continually improves itself by following the technology of future.

Being the leader of its industry with its exports to 80 countries, having more than 4,000 points of sale at home and abroad, İnci Akü takes firm steps forward with the support of Turquality towards becoming the global brand of Turkey. İnci Akü provides savings and trouble-free operation to the consumer. It is durable. It does not leave you high and dry even in the most challenging situations.


İnci Akü Product Catalogue
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