For defining the principles which constitute our real character, we prepared our Corporate Culture Guide which ensures a participatory culture.  “Positive Approach” is one of the most important values of our corporate culture. We adopt and implement positive approach concept for making our job more pleasant, work passionately, devote ourselves to our job and each other, develop a better recognition of our strengths and focus on our strengths, ensure a constructive business, and overcome challenges with more strength.

With the Suggestion System which has been implemented in our company since 2009 and which is an integral part of our corporate culture, we scrutinize suggestions presented by our employees, and put into practice any feasible suggestions in order to improve our processes. Under our suggestion system, our employees receive points from monthly and annual activities and projects, individual and team activities, and then they are awarded rewards that they choose.

With our in-house Fun at Work Club, we organize activities in or out of the workplace such as table tennis, backgammon, bowling, table football and paintball tournaments, cooking courses, movie watching sessions, spring picnics, establishment anniversary dinners, regional food days, outdoor activities, as well as we aim at improve workplace friendships and contribute to our environment with our social clubs, social solidarity and corporate social responsibility organizations.

We recognize and appreciate activities of our employees developed for and contributing to the departments in which they work or are involved, as well as the company and İnci Holding. We are with them with various gifts when they leave beyond a certain period of service, in their birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

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