GS Yuasa inaugurates massive 178 thousand square meter GS Yuasa logistics facility in the UK

13 Ekim 2023 Cuma

GS Yuasa has announced the opening of GS Yuasa Europe LTD Headquarters in the UK, which stands as Europe’s largest distribution and warehouse facility, designed to serve as a gateway to the future. İnci GS Yuasa Deputy Chairman Cihan Elbirlik, along with Managing Director Kadir Kaymakçı and Deputy Managing Director Shinsuke Uehara, were present at the inauguration of the 178 thousand 500 square meter facility situated in Ignition Park, Swindon. This facility is poised to play a substantial role in enhancing production and export operations for Türkiye.

GS Yuasa has announced the opening of its new GS Yuasa Europe LTD Headquarters, the largest in Europe. The facility, spanning 178 thousand 500 square meters, is the result of significant advanced technological investments and is located in Swindon, England.

Hosted by GS Yuasa President Osamu Murao, the expansive inauguration ceremony for this immense facility, attended by customers, suppliers, industry leaders, and employees, embodies GS Yuasa’s vision to establish a facility that not only redefines industry standards but also showcases cutting-edge future technologies. Furthermore, this state-of-the-art facility, serving the European markets and distributing products manufactured in Türkiye, sets new industry benchmarks with its advanced technology warehouse equipment, streamlined operational processes, and a customer-centric structure that prioritizes satisfaction.

The new facility integrates cutting-edge warehouse systems, including automation technologies and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), to notably enhance order fulfillment capacity and operational efficiency. Additionally, it boasts advanced technology packaging equipment along with specialized charging facilities.

Facility set to pave the way for Turkish high-tech exports to Europe

Highlighting that the investment, made by GS Yuasa as a gateway to the future, will serve as a strategic distribution base and warehouse for European operations, Deputy Managing Director Shinsuke Uehara said, “Our newly established UK hub will expedite the sales and distribution of our cutting-edge technology products, manufactured in our Turkish production centers, across the European market. With this new facility, the largest in Europe, our batteries manufactured and exported from Türkiye will seamlessly and swiftly reach every corner of Europe.”

1 out of every 4 batteries exported from Türkiye to the world bear the İnci GS Yuasa brand

Emphasizing GS Yuasa’s prominent position as a global technology leader in the industry, Shinsuke Uehara stated, “Today, 1 out of every 4 batteries exported from Türkiye to the world is exported by GS Yuasa. The 178 thousand 500 square meter Headquarters in Swindon will serve as a major catalyst for the expansion of our production and export operations in Türkiye. Through this facility, furnished with cutting-edge technologies and equipment, we are advancing our position as industry technology leaders one step further.”

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