EAS, one of Turkey’s first battery brands, introduces its product series for new generation vehicles on its 60th anniversary

13 Temmuz 2023 Perşembe

Continuing to contribute to product diversity in the market, İnci GS Yuasa, under the EAS brand, offers the most innovative energy storage solutions for today’s vehicles with new AGM, EFB, Extr A, and Activ A batteries for automobiles and light commercial vehicles and EFB, Extr A, Activ A, and Pride series batteries for heavy-duty vehicles.

EAS, one of the brands of İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and GS Yuasa, has renewed its product portfolio including offerings for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles to appeal to all new generation vehicles on its 60th anniversary. Providing reliable service to its customers for 60 years with the slogan “The king of the road deserves the king of batteries”, EAS has recently revamped its website,, to showcase its new product portfolio. The updated website was launched in June. The newly introduced EAS Akü product family, developed by İnci GS Yuasa with state-of-the-art Japanese technology and manufactured at their facilities in Manisa, provides comprehensive battery solutions tailored to the diverse needs of various vehicle types. 

The EAS Start-Stop AGM series, designed specifically for new generation upper segment vehicles equipped with start-stop technology, not only enhances vehicle performance but also ensures maximum user satisfaction. The newly updated product range offers several notable features, including up to 3.5 times longer cycle life*, minimal water loss, exceptional durability, and superior sealing properties, all achieved through the implementation of pressure-controlled valved caps that are unique to AGM technology.

The EAS Start-Stop EFB series is specifically tailored for standard start-stop vehicles. The new generation batteries, featuring reinforced high-quality plates and a specially developed paste formula, deliver up to 2.5 times longer lifespan* and enhanced performance, even in high electricity consumption vehicles, with no maintenance required.

Specifically designed for conventional new generation vehicles with high energy demands, the EAS Extr A offers up to 2 times longer lifespan* and up to 15% more cranking power* through its unique grid design and robust positive plates.

The EAS Activ A series, the trusted choice of vehicle manufacturers, is meticulously engineered with a maintenance-free, fully enclosed special cover system to meet the standard electrical demands of conventional vehicles. The Activ A series, which does not require maintenance thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, features QR and barcode technology, which enables product tracking.

*Compared to the EAS Activ A series

The right choice for optimized heavy-duty vehicle performance: “EAS Akü Heavy-Duty Vehicle Series”

EAS now offers four new product lines of large batteries specifically designed for heavy-duty vehicles. The EFB Heavy-Duty Vehicle Series, specially developed for start-stop or long-haul vehicles with advanced electrical equipment, offers superior performance and power with up to 2.5 times longer lifespan** and up to 60 times longer vibration resistance**, making it suitable for use with tow truck rear chassis. 

The EAS Extr A Heavy-Duty Vehicle Series, designed specifically for vehicles operating in heavy city traffic for distribution, freight, and transportation purposes, ensures maximum durability and reliability in demanding conditions with up to 2.5 times longer lifespan** and up to 30 times longer vibration resistance**.

The EAS Activ A Heavy-Duty Vehicle Series, tailored for construction vehicles and trucks operating in harsh conditions, delivers outstanding durability with up to 2 times longer lifespan** and up to 10 times longer vibration resistance**.

The EAS Pride Heavy-Duty Vehicle Series, designed for heavy vehicles without advanced electrical equipment, caters to the requirements of standard vehicles with its hybrid technology and specialized openable labyrinth caps.

*Compared to the EAS Pride Heavy-Duty Vehicle Series

Exports from Turkey to over 80 countries across 6 continents

İnci GS Yuasa Managing Director Kadir Kaymakçı highlighted the company’s commitment to providing customers with the most innovative solutions that align with the advancements in the automotive industry and added, “At İnci GS Yuasa, we export to over 80 countries across 6 continents, generating approximately 60 percent of our sales revenue from international markets. We are proud to contribute to both the national economy and our sector. Over the past seven years since 2015, İnci GS Yuasa has developed battery solutions capable of storing an impressive 25-thousand-megawatt hours of energy. In 2022, we doubled our export volume and net sales revenues compared to the previous year. Our goal is to maintain a consistent growth trajectory by strengthening our export capabilities, focusing on high-tech products, and leveraging our regional advantages.  With the strength derived from our partnership with the Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa and an investment of EUR 6 million, we maintain our position as a technology leader in the automotive and industrial battery sector.  To this end, we plan to sustain our momentum in technology initiatives and R&D investments.”

Stating that they have developed customer-oriented products to meet the needs of new generation vehicles and the requirements of users through the EAS brand, İnci GS Yuasa Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici said, “On the 60th anniversary of our EAS brand, which is one of the first battery brands in Turkey and is known for its memorable slogan ‘King of Batteries’, we introduced a comprehensive product range designed to meet the needs of vehicles across all segments during a launch event attended by our dealers. With our product series equipped with the most advanced technologies, we offer energy storage solutions suitable for vehicles and technologies in every segment, including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles.”

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