İnci Akü Extends the Warranty Period of Start-Stop Products Using Japanese Technology to 3 Years

10 Nisan 2023 Pazartesi

The World's Energy Expert İnci Akü has extended the current 2-year warranty period of its Japanese technology-based start-stop products İnci Akü AGM Leo and İnci Akü EFB Max Tigris to 3 years. Reflecting its consumer-oriented approach to all its processes, İnci Akü promises drivers a longer and safer journey with extended warranty periods.

İnci Akü, the locomotive brand of İnci GS Yuasa, the pioneer company of the battery sector, continues to offer more and more to the sector and consumers with its consumer-oriented approach. İnci Akü extended the current 2-year warranty period of its Japanese technology-using innovative products İnci Akü AGM Leo and İnci Akü EFB Max Tigris, to 3 years considering the superior performance, long cycle life and durability of the series.

İnci GS Yuasa Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici stated that the company possesses a great potential and passion for technology and innovation. She added that they have great confidence in their innovative products. Tellici stated: "As one of the key players in the sector, we have chosen technology to be our compass in both our internal and external processes. We have decided to extend the current 2-year warranty period of our innovative products İnci Akü AGM Leo and İnci Akü EFB Max Tigris to 3 years in order to make our consumers' journeys safer with our high-performance batteries and to ensure that this trust is spread over a longer period. These products are in the start-stop market, which is currently experiencing a growth trend. As İnci GS Yuasa, we strive to support consumer satisfaction and increase our competitiveness with our high-performance products in this market as well."

The İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM Leo series, one of İnci GS Yuasa's high-tech products developed in its own facilities, is designed for high-end start-stop vehicles with regenerative braking with its unique performance, durability and high charge-acceptance with a cycle life* up to 3.5 times longer. A first in its segment in Turkey and designed for new generation start-stop vehicles that require high electrical consumption, İnci Akü Start-Stop EFB Max Tigris provides an up to 3 times* longer cycle life in heavy urban traffic and stop-start conditions, while giving the vehicle its real performance with up to 10%** more cranking power. The product minimizes water loss with its specially designed labyrinth-shaped MAX-CAP ® leak-proof cover, and its high quality plates reinforced with an improved paste formula offer extra performance in heavy traffic.

*For İnci Akü Formula A Taurus

 **For İnci Akü EFB Pantera

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