New products by İnci Akü exhibited at the AAPEX Show in the USA

4 Kasım 2022 Cuma

AAPEX, one of the world’s most important automotive aftermarket products show, launched in Las Vegas on its 20th year. Participating in the AAPEX Show held on November 1-3, 2022 with its new high-tech products, İnci Akü, the World’s Energy Expert, strengthened its presence in the US market, which it prioritizes.

İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of the world battery giant Japanese GS Yuasa and İnci Holding, a well-established company of the automotive supply industry in Turkey, maintains its position as a strong global player in its sector with exports to more than 80 countries in 6 continents. Aiming to introduce its state-of-the-art products in automotive and industrial fields to new markets, İnci GS Yuasa participated in the AAPEX Show held in Las Vegas on November 1-3, 2022 with its locomotive brand İnci Akü and showcased its new product groups to the US market.

İnci Akü launched its new BCI GR31 product group designed for truck and van type vehicles specific to the region in the USA, which has a significant potential for the automotive and sub-industry sector, and attracted great interest at the show for three days. In addition, İnci Akü brand’s new technology products in all passenger car, light commercial and heavy vehicle segments, especially AGM and EFB start-stop group, were presented to the visitors. In its 20th year, the AAPEX once again brought together automotive supply industry manufacturers and consumers.

Kadir Kaymakçı, Executive Director of İnci GS Yuasa, stated that as a company, they are one of the export leaders of the sector and that they obtain more than 60 percent of their total sales revenues from global markets, and went on to add, “The USA is important for us both in terms of expanding our target markets and in delivering our products to more consumers. While we continue our steady progress in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where we are strong, we are even more excited about distant markets that will enhance and grow our exports faster. We will continue to show up in different markets by enriching our product portfolio, which offers the latest technology, is high-quality and responds to the expectations of the market in the best way. We believe that we will bring our brand to new audiences with our BCI GR31 product group developed specifically for American type heavy vehicles, which we introduced at the AAPEX Show.” 

Formul A Taurus, the new formula for durability at İnci Akü, expands with the new GR31 product range

Offering a wide range of battery options suitable for all vehicle models, İnci Akü Formul A Taurus, the new formula for durability, has been developed to meet the energy requirements of today’s vehicles. With its GR31 battery option, İnci Akü Formul A Taurus now offers a superior experience to American type trucks and vans. The product provides high starting power and smooth driving with its advanced technology and maintenance-free, fully closed cover system. Ca-Ca silver-tin alloy plates, safe flame arresters, special labyrinth plugs, special lead terminal protective caps, short-circuit preventing polyethylene envelope separators and charge level indicators promise a durable ride.

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