İnci Gs Yuasa Awarded the "IMAGE PLATIN" Label in Intract Innovation Program

13 Haziran 2023 Salı

İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa, participated in the "Innovation Program" co-organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB). As part of the program, İnci GS Yuasa, which received the highest score in the field of "General Innovation Management" among 27 institutions, was entitled to the "IMAGE PLATIN" label.

Continuing its operations by placing technology and innovation at the heart of its business, İnci GS Yuasa received the highest score among 27 institutions in the field of "General Innovation Management" in the "Innovation Program" designed to measure, analyze and improve institutions' innovation management capacities. The company with the highest Innovation Management score was evaluated on 6 main criteria and 19 sub-criteria, namely "Leadership and Intention, Improvement, Performance Evaluation, Organization, Process, Planning and Support".

R&D Center Department Manager Sibel Eserdağ stated that they work with great passion to develop the technologies of the future and noted: "We continue our efforts to develop the latest technologies for our customers and to offer innovative products for vehicles of every segment. As our industry's innovation and technology leader, we design and manufacture products equipped with the most advanced technologies, benefiting from our Japanese partner GS Yuasa's 100 years of deep-rooted experience in the battery industry. Following this perspective, in recent weeks we have been involved in the "Innovation Program" implemented by the Manisa OIZ Innovation Center in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). As part of the program, our institution’s innovation management capacity was evaluated with different parameters. Independent and impartial evaluations gave us the highest score and awarded us this label. I would like to thank all our employees, especially our friends who contributed to this success, for their efforts to address this issue."

The "Innovation Program" is designed to measure, analyze and improve institutions' innovation management capacities. The program conducts an independent assessment in line with the criteria of IMAGE (Innovation Management Assessment Gadget for Enterprises), a unique innovation management capacity assessment tool. It comprehensively analyzes the level of maturity in the field of "Innovation Management" and takes compliance with ISO 56002 Innovation Management System and 56004 Innovation Management Assessment Standards into consideration. The program will continue to increase the company's "Innovation Management" maturity level with the mentors assigned to İnci GS Yuasa.

About İnci GS Yuasa

Conducting production and sales activities in the battery industry, Inci GS Yuasa is an affiliate of Inci Holding and GS Yuasa. It is the largest battery manufacturer in Turkey with its three factories in Manisa and 1.000 employees. Having adopted perfection as a principle in all of its processes, Inci GS Yuasa delivers its products and services to consumers in over 80 countries on 6 continents through its consumer-oriented approach and the state-of-art technologies. Inci GS Yuasa operates in Turkey with 110 main dealers, 150 energy experts, 260 authorized service centers and 4.400 retail sales points. Inci Aku is elected as the most valuable battery brand in the list of “2022 Top Valuable Brands of Turkey” prepared by Brand Finance, the international brand valuation organization. Having established the first R&D center of the industry in Turkey, Inci GS Yuasa adds value to the sector and its stakeholders through its innovative perspective and technological products as well as its vision to become the most trusted energy storage firm thanks to its sustainable environmental approach.

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