Important Recommendations from İnci Akü for Battery Winter Maintenance

15 Aralık 2022 Perşembe

İnci Akü, the world's energy expert, reminds the need for drivers to have their batteries serviced for the cold, rainy and windy winter months. İnci Akü reiterates the important measures to take for longer lasting batteries and safer travels, and continues to stand by the drivers at all times with its applications and services. İnci Akü officials touch on the importance of using the right battery suitable with the vehicle’s technology and electrical equipment; and draw attention to İnci Akü’s “Find Your Battery” application.

İnci Akü, the locomotive brand of İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and GS Yuasa, draws attention to the importance of battery winter maintenance for safe and comfortable winter travels. İnci Akü notes that regular maintenance extends the service life of batteries and is essential for protection against the adverse winter weather conditions.

Battery maintenance differs from vehicle to vehicle

Reporting that lower temperatures during winter months can cause batteries to lose power and lead to certain malfunctions, İnci Akü officials stated that it is crucial to use the right battery suitable with the vehicle’s technology and electrical equipment. The authorities note that using the right battery for the vehicle’s equipment and electrical needs directly affects both the battery’s service life and the vehicle’s performance. To this end, you can use the “Find Your Battery” application to find the right battery for your vehicle from İnci Akü, factoring in your vehicle’s brand, model and production year. During the regular maintenance of vehicles that will not be used for a long time, special attention should be paid to the electrolyte levels of open system batteries, the battery top should always be clean and the terminals should be cleaned with hot water and lubricated with a thin layer of petroleum jelly against oxidation. If there are any additional installations in the vehicle, whether or not the alternator feeds the system should be checked and the vehicle charging voltage should be measured. Since the battery's performance is reduced by almost half when the air temperature drops below zero degrees, the vehicle should be started at idle and allowed to reach an engine temperature of at least 90 degrees. In extremely cold weather, the vehicle should be left in an enclosed parking lot if possible.

Always have the V-belt checked

Batteries that are contaminated and not regularly maintained fail more often in winter. Stating that the battery should be cleaned of dirt in order to prevent such failures and electrical leakage, İnci Akü officials recommend checking the charging capacity of the battery and supplementing it if there is incomplete charging due to systemic malfunction. It is also crucial to check that the V-belt of the battery is not slipping and that there is no evidence of rust where it is connected to the chassis. İnci Akü officials recommend disconnecting the battery from the terminal cable if the vehicle will not be used for a certain period of time. The authorities suggest idling for 20-30 minutes or using the vehicle for that much time in order to effectively prevent charging problems in the battery of vehicles that are started for the first time after a long period of time.

Tips for drivers from İnci Akü

Developed as a reflection of İnci Akü's customer-oriented approach, the innovative Akümgelsin (Deliver My Battery) service is available for drivers via the 444 5 258 (AKÜ) hotline as well as the website. Drivers can instantly submit their battery requests via and quickly benefit from Akümgelsin's on-site service.

Focusing on responding to the needs of its customers at the right time, İnci Akü recommends the most suitable İnci Akü product according to the brand, year of production, model and engine volume of the vehicle with the Find Your Battery application on its website. Thanks to this application by İnci Akü, which has a wide service network with hundreds of dealerships and service points across Turkey, drivers can access the nearest İnci Akü sales and service points according to vehicle category, province, district and service type criteria as well as the most accurate battery. You can visit the website for İnci Akü's "Find Your Battery" application. 

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