Our Purpose

To enhance the respect to human, energy sources and environment lived in.

Our Target

Ensuring safety of human health with safe facility and equipments; to protect environment by using minimum natural source

Our Policy

To ensure health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, visitors in our workplace and our company staff working out of our workplace, to take all necessary measures according to current legislations on HSE, EMS and EnMS and other related regulations for environment effects arising or may arise from our manufacturing operations, to make all required tools, instruments and protective equipments and ensure their proper use,  

By identifying potential conditions and actions, possible risks which may cause occupational accidents, occupational diseases and environmental effects in our workplace by performing an efficient risk evaluation and to minimize such risks,

To minimize wastage by using raw materials, energy and natural sources efficiently,

To improve energy performance continuously by designing energy efficient process and procuring products and services,

To ensure availability of all information and sources to achieve targets and purposes in Environment, HSE and Energy management systems,

To employ suitable technologies for zero occupational incident and sustainable environment,

To train and raise awareness of our employees on health and safety at work and energy and environment,

To review documented environment, HSE, Energy Management Systems and established targets periodically,

In consideration of global developments, to estimate possible situations to be encountered in future beforehand, to review continuous improvement and our status.

Senior Management of İnci GS Yuasa commits to comply with conditions of Management Systems completely in behalf of all of employees under the scope of this policy.


Managing Director

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No:6 45030 Manisa / TURKEY
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