Providing power is to give life to a machine. A company’s priority is to continue its job as planned without a hitch by providing an uninterruptible energy. Industrial batteries, in this context is one of the most critical components.

Since 1984, İnci Akü continues to grow by specializing in energy storage and bringing in different perspectives to its sector. İnci Akü keeps providing problem-free use to the companies by producing long-lasting batteries with İnci Battery brand as well. İnci Battery stands close to consumers at all time with its well experienced after-sales support service.

İnci Battery is the global brand of Turkey's most innovative and market leading actor, İnci Akü and it is being positioned as “the energy provider of future technologies”. With its powerful R&D team and innovative point of view, while compensating today’s requirements at the highest level, İnci Battery also improves itself continiuosly to meet the requirements of future technologies.

İnci Battery products are long-lasting, durable and provides saving with its long service life. İnci Battery gives you extra power . You always feel the power of İnci Batery with its superior service given with the assurance of İnci Akü.

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